8 times my four-year-old has put me in my place


We’ve done the ‘terrible twos’ and the ‘age of the threenager’ and we’re now in the midst of, what we’ve come to call, the ‘fucking fours!’ It’s a tough gig – there is nothing the four-year-old doesn’t know. And, if they think you’ve got something wrong, they’re not afraid to call you out on it. In fact they seem to enjoy it.

Think you know better than the four-year-old? Well think again. Here are eight times Archie has (annoyingly) put me in my place recently. Continue reading

40 things to teach your son


As we get ready for Archie starting school next week, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the little boy he’s growing into and, eventually, the not-so-little boy he’s going to become (god, that’s a scary thought!)

I saw ‘50 things to teach your daughter’ recently, and it got me thinking about what I’d like Archie to learn from me. So, here are 40 things I’m going to teach my son.

P.s This fab’ shot of Archie was taken by Photography by Clare. Check her out, she’s amazing!  Continue reading

A Summer Baby Shower!


My friend, Sarah, isn’t one for fuss (in fact she avoids it like the plague) but, when she told me she was pregnant, there was no way she was getting away without a baby shower! Like the mum-to-be, I’m not usually a fan of American-style OTT celebrations either so I kept it low-key, opting to do it at home with just a few of her relatives and friends.  Continue reading

Fun garden activities (you might not have tried!)

Garden Activities - Blog

Over the years I’ve enjoyed lots of posts about garden fun, and Archie and I have tried and tested loads of different garden activities. There are some I’ve found through other bloggers (thanks to the likes of Mum in Brum and Rock My Family) and there are some we’ve stumbled upon ourselves.

Here is a round-up of some of our favourites – a few classics and a couple you might not have thought of! Continue reading

Our fun, family wedding!


Today is our second wedding anniversary so I thought I’d do a bit of reminiscing and share a few photos from our ‘big’ day. Everyone loves a wedding, right?

Despite a few pre-wedding dramas (our venue closed with just six weeks to go – argh!) we ended up with a perfectly fun and relaxed day, just as we’d wanted – sighs of relief all round, I think!

Way back when, I never imagined getting married with a two-year-old in tow, but I couldn’t imagine the day without Archie, now. We involved him wherever we could. He had a few jobs – walking with me up the aisle and handing over the rings – which he really enjoyed! And he helped with the favours too – homemade cookies – which we had fun baking together.

Homemade was bit of a theme of our wedding, actually. The stationery, the cake, even the dress, were all homemade!

Anyway, without further ado (see what I did there!?) here’s a snapshot of our fun, family, wedding…

P.S. All of our photos were taken by the amazingly talented, incredibly patient, and all-round very lovely Photography by Clare. She was absolutely fantastic and I’ve been wracking my brains ever since for a good excuse to have her photograph us (Archie) again. 

P.P.S. Happy anniversary Mr H. Love you lots, blah, blah, blah! Continue reading

Easy smoothie recipes to do with kids!

Blender Recipes

A few months ago, I brought this Morphy Richards Easy Blender on a bit of a whim. I thought it’d probably end up shoved at the back of a cupboard somewhere but it looks like it might be here to stay.

I’ve become quite fond of a smoothie. And they’ve been a hit with Archie too. He loves getting involved – chopping up fruit, measuring out ingredients and, his favourite bit of course, turning the all-important dial! Many a (shouty) conversation has been had as we watch it whizzing round.

We’ve kept our experimenting pretty simple so far – we’ve still got lots to learn – but here are some of our favourite beginner recipes.  Continue reading

#MySundayPhoto -Paddling in the Sea!

A couple of weeks ago Mum in Brum posted her #MySundayPhoto – Grandparents are Grand! And it made me realise that I don’t take nearly enough photos of Archie and Nanny together.

So, on our recent short break to Spain, I made sure I got this one of them paddling in the sea. And I absolutely love it! Paddling is one of their favourite things to do together. Whether it’s in Spain, off the English coast, or in a paddling pool in the garden, these two love a good splash! Continue reading